Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~~mommies blogger award :)


dh 3 hri xbkk blog nii..then tgk2 ade award la pulak :)

1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award.. post the above award in your entry too..

tq to Ezzah and Siti 4 da awrd :)

2) List the date of birth of your first child and your following children.. add also their names..

muhamad syaqir amsyar bin yusri - 13 january 2008

sorg tu jeela pon yg ade wat mse skrg nii..hehehe ;P

3) Upload a picture of you with your children..

tarraaaaa..!! :)

4) Pass the award to all mommy bloggers you know! Let them know k..

hmm rmai yg dh dpt rsenyee..tp mne2 mommy yg lom dpt g leh ambik okeey :)

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