Monday, May 24, 2010



it was over 3yrs am belongs to him...  as a wife to a luvly husbnd, am sure everybody hop 4 da best n pray our relationship will be last ever until the end of our do i...dont know how to much i luv u syg...pls dun let anyone else take u from me..i luv u till the end of my life...

to my cyg,

"ntah xtau knape tbe2 rse nk ckp kt summmeee org yg saye syg awk!  syg B sgt2!"

bleh kee cmtuuu..?? :P

notakaki : ttup mate klo xnk bce ayat2 jiwang itu okeey ;)


~~zaa~~ said...

gelenya teh!!! :p

mrs_yus said...

zaa : ahahah..tu mari mood gelenya plok doh ptg2 hari ni..:P

p/s : jeles wat r jugok 1 entry gelenya gtu! hahahah :P